Karibu Tanzania!

Tanzania welcomes you to high mountains, amazing nature, wild animals and sunny, sandy beaches.
Tanzania’s unique and diverse landscape offers many different experiences.

The Tanzanians

There are approximately 120 different tribes in Tanzania. The national language is Swahili. English is the other official language and it is spoken by most people. Christians and Muslims are close to equal in numbers. Other religions are also represented. On Zanzibar the population is mainly Muslim.
Peaceful coexistence and tolerance between religions is widespread in Tanzania. As a result you will find mosques and churches side by side throughout the country.

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Travel all year round

Tanzania has much to offer all year round. However, there are a few things to bare in mind. Which time of the year is the best for you depends on, what you wish to experience during your time in Tanzania.

The climate is tropical, but there are great seasonal changes in the temperatures from one part of the country to another. There are two rainy seasons. A long one often with heavy rains from about April to the beginning of June. A short one with lighter rains from November to mid-December. The rest of the year is primarily dry, and you can expect clear skies and plenty of sunshine.

That said, like in most parts of the world, the weather can act in unpredictable ways at times merely adding to the wonders of the country.

The relaxed and friendly Tanzanians

The Tanzanian people are known for their kindness and relaxed way of life. Immediately upon your arrival, you will feel the great degree of hospitality, which is so characteristic of the country and its people.

A vacation spent in Tanzania is a vacation you will carry in your heart for life! The relaxed pace of life allows you to unwind and enjoy your vacation. That’s great!

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