Codiv-19 update

The safety of our guests and crew are always our top propriety.

Tanzania’s borders are open to tourists from around the world. We are following the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) set out by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

We have educated our staff further and implemented new procedures to secure all our guests the highest level of safety and comfort.

Below are some of the key procedures implemented by us:

  • All our crew members have received education about transmission of the Covid-19 virus and the changes necessary to implement when it comes to personal interactions, such as tightened/effective hygiene measures, disinfection and social distance.
  • All our crew will be wearing masks when they interact with clients and/or will keep distance of at least 1 meter when possible

We also recommend that clients wear masks when they are at public places (e.g. restaurants, hotel lobbies and at all gates to the National Parks. It is mandatory to wear masks at all airports in Tanzania.

It is not required to wear masks in the safari car or during climbing Kilimanjaro and Meru.

  • All vehicles are thoroughly cleaned before each trip – inside and outside, including all surfaces, door handles, binoculars etc.
  • All equipment in connection with climbing Kilimanjaro and Meru is disinfected before use.
  • Soap and hand disinfection gel will be available on all our trips – for both clients and our team. We do recomend thouth that clients bring with own hand gel.
  • All hotels, camps etc. adhere to the procedures established for all accommodations. These include masks, temperature control of staff, frequent cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces and limimation of the number of guests in common areas.