Terms and conditions

It is important to know our terms and conditions, as you accept the following when paying the deposit.


Once we are done planning your trip, you will receive an invoice, of which 20% deposit payment must be made within 8 days from the date of invoice. Upon payment of the deposit, your booking is binding.
The remaining amount must be paid 60 days before arrival in Tanzania. Payment dates will appear on the invoice, and it is your responsibility to pay attention to these. If the payments are not made in due time, NOBA’s delivery obligation will expire.
Payment must be made to CDRD Bank, Moshi Branch


Any cancellation must be notified to NOBA in writing (e-mail or text) at any time. In case of cancellation of the trip after the deposit is paid, the deposit is lost. If cancelled up to 30 days before arrival, NOBA will refund 50% of the remaining balance paid.
If cancelled less than 30 days before arrival, the total price of the trip is lost.
NOBA Adventures Tanzania cannot be held liable or compensate for changed or cancelled flights.
Nor can the company be held liable or compensate in case of force majeure.


If you do not already have a travel insurance, we recommend that you sign up for one. It is important that the insurance has the right coverage – country, activity and altitude if mountain hiking. If you want a cancellation insurance, make sure to draw this when booking your trip and before paying the deposit to NOBA. It is your responsibility that your insurance has the appropriate coverage and is up to date.


Along with the invoice, you will receive your itinerary that shows what has been agreed on concerning your trip in Tanzania. It is your responsibility to check that your itinerary is in accordance with the agreements. Thus, the itinerary is accepted upon payment of the deposit.
However, we emphasize that on trekking and safari tours, it is a good idea to be prepared for minor changes during the trip. When changes are made, it is most often to improve your trip, e.g. due to the weather.
If you cancel or shorten your stay, for whatever reason, there will be no refund. Additional costs e.g. for hotel are on you. We will of course offer our assistance in any way possible.

Passport and visa

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entering Tanzania.
Tourist visa can be obtained on arrival at the airport.
For EU citizens the cost is USD 50. For US passport holders the cost is USD 100 and for Canadian passport holders the cost is USD 75. For most other nationalities the cost is USD 50.
However, it should be stressed that it is your responsibility to check these rules and fees.


We are not able to advise you about vaccinations. However, we recommend that you contact your own doctor or a vaccination clinic to help you determine, which vaccinations you should have, and to advise you on malaria medicine.
Talk to your doctor about the following:
Hepatitis A and B
Yellow Fever
Malaria tablets
Diamox (Altitude sickness tablets)

Your responsibility

We emphasize that it is entirely up to you to participate in the various trips. During the trip it is up to you to judge whether to opt out in a given situation.

Please note, that NOBA Adventures are not responsible for print- and typographical errors, and unforeseen changes as well as unpredictable price increases.