Zanzibar is a gorgeous island situated in the Indian Ocean with some of the world’s best beaches and beautiful azure water.
The perfect place for pure relaxation after all the many life-lasting impressions and new experiences from Kilimanjaro and the safari parks.


Restaurants and bars

On the northwestern part of the island – Nungwi and Kendwa – you will find many hotels, restaurants and bars all offering great opportunities for a good a night out.
If you prefer more quiet time and less touristy surroundings, the east coast is the perfect place.

Around the coast

Zanzibar is also the perfect place for water sports. A snorkelling or diving trip to the beautiful coral reefs around Zanzibar is absolutely amazing.
Or maybe kite surfing on the northeast coast is something for you to do, while enjoying Zanzibar.

Be aware that the coast of Zanzibar is more or less influenced by the tide of the Indian Ocean. The difference between low and high tide can be about 3 meters.
The east coast is protected by a coral reef, which at ebb creates a large area of beach and shallow water. An extremely fascinating phenomenon.

If you want to experience other things than sand and water, there are plenty of opportunities.

Things to see in Zanzibar

Stone Town

Stone Town is an old trading town located on the west coast and is part of Zanzibar City. Stone Town offers great cultural experiences and diversity. The influences from East Africa, the Middle East, India as well as Europe are all very visible dating back to the history of shifting colonial dominations. The streets of Stone Town are narrow and charming. Many of the houses show beautiful carvings on doors and outside walls. In the 19th century the spice trade flourished in Stone Town, which also happened to be East Africa’s largest market for slave trade.
There are thus, many magnificent buildings to explore. Among the most famous are The House of Wonders, The Old Fort and Sultans’ Palace.
Stone Town’s diversity is also reflected in many culinary experiences. Therefore, you will find a large selection of many different and very good restaurants.

Prison Island

Prison Island is located northwest of Stone Town, and it is reached by a beautiful boat trip of approx. 30 minutes.
In the 1800s the island was used to keep rebel slaves, before they were sold off. Later, a prison was built, however, it was never used as a prison. Instead, the island was used as a quarantine centre before people would getting permission to enter Zanzibar.
In addition to these historical ruins, Prison Island is also where you can see the giant tortoises. They live on the island in a protected area, as they have been close to extinction. You can walk around these giant tortoises and feed them.
Furthermore, you will find lovely beaches and snorkelling opportunities.

Spice farm

Zanzibar is also called the Spice Island, due to centuries of large and significant exports of many different spices from the island.
Today, it is especially cloves, cinnamon, vanilla and lemongrass, which are exported from the island.
A great variety of spices are cultivated on Zanzibar, and you probably know most of them by name and as powder. But how do they actually look like before they are harvested?
On the spice tour you will see the spices in their natural environment, and of course experience the smell and tasting of many different spices.
You will learn, how the local population uses spices to treat various ailments.

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